I’m all Hygge and stuff!

Watching YouTube is amazing! I love just about everything about. The fact that I can learn new interesting things about people and places is what I love the most. What I've recently learned has changed my life. It's this little word that has amazing impact. Hygge I know sounds weird. Pronounced Hoo-Ga, is Danish and … Continue reading I’m all Hygge and stuff!

I’m Back!

A few things have happen since I've been gone. I brought a house! Which was taking up the majority of my time. I've also been having some dark days. But I decided to pick myself up, and move forward and that means today not tomorrow. So here I am writing my thoughts for some one to read them. Let's be real, my mom don't even read these post. But you know what I don't care, cause I love doing this anyway.

Something to Think About…

It's easier to figure out that you are unhappy. Usually that is pretty clear. There are plenty of articles, quizzes, and surveys out here to help you determine if you are unhappy. I mean shit, the constant crying everyday might be a warning! But what if you aren't unhappy, but your aren't quite happy either. … Continue reading Something to Think About…

Sew the Trend: Plaids – Fall

Hey guys! Rita here. I had so much fun putting together the list of sewable fall trends, I figured I'll give you some more inspiration.  Here are patterns and fabric suggest to recreate some of my favorite looks from the runway. Plaid is one of my favorite patterns to wear, so here are my top … Continue reading Sew the Trend: Plaids – Fall