Fashion is a feeling

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Planning – Tops

OMG! I'm going to get myself in trouble here. To buy or to sew! That is the question!

Cut, Pin, Sew

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Planning – Dresses

I am forcing myself to think about fall cozy clothes. It's been really hard because I'm still wanting to make summer pieces. But if I'm going to have any hopes of getting some really awesome, well-fitting fall/winter clothes in my wardrobe, I need to get a move on.

Fashion is a feeling

Fall Sewing Projects Part 1

McCall's M7627 is EVERYTHING! I got to have it this fall... Fall sewing plans commence!

Cut, Pin, Sew

How I organize my pattern stash

...The pain of searching through endless boxes, JUST to look at my stash, was taking a toll. Luckily,  I came up with the brilliant solution...

Cut, Pin, Sew

McCall’s M7544 Pattern Hack

Shift dresses for me are difficult because of my body shape. I haven't been able to find one that looks right, so I decided to make one myself. Welcome to the McCall's M7544 hack!

Cut, Pin, Sew

Coming Soon, McCalls 7544 Hack

Take this flirty shirt and make it into a flirty dress!

Mommy Dearest

Really… Go to bed!

...hey kid go to bed so mommy and daddy can Netflix and chill...


For the love of…

For the love of all things motherhood, sewing, fashion, and fun. I'm starting this blog to share my view point...