I’m Back!

I know I know, it’ been a while. But baby I’m back. I missed this, talking to you, wondering who’s listening.

A few things have happened since I’ve been gone. I bought a house! Which was taking up the majority of my time. I’ve also been having some dark days. But I decided to pick myself up, and move forward and that means today not tomorrow. So here I am writing my thoughts for someone to read them. Let’s be real, my mom don’t even read these post. But you know what I don’t care, cause I love doing this anyway.

So let’s catch up…

As I said we bought a house. I love being a homeowner. I’m a city girl and I’ve never actually lived in an actual “house” before. Living in four walls that don’t touch someone else four walls! And I must say it’s freeing and fucking amazing! Paying the mortgage and all the new bills we have since buying the house has been totally worth it.

I must say, I’ve gotten a few haters since buying this amazing house. it’s like back in the day when I was the only one still in college, the friends that love you being at the “bottom” of the pack. But soon as I “made it” their life was over! Yeah those bitches been showing up! But you know I don’t mind it, cause I just keep moving.

I haven’t been sewing much since we moved. Still trying to get organized. But fall is coming and I have some awesome sewing plans for fall, so look out for that.

Moving into the house has made me discover a new passion… let’s say obsession! Home decor! I mean I fall asleep at night thinking about decor and organizing. I always love decorating and organizing, but now having the space that I love has grown the interest into a passion, into an obsession.

Look out for lots of home decor finds, and diys.

Anyway feels good to be back.

~Rita Mae

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