Something to Think About…

It’s easier to figure out that you are unhappy. Usually that is pretty clear. There are plenty of articles, quizzes, and surveys out here to help you determine if you are unhappy. I mean shit, the constant crying everyday might be a warning!

But what if you aren’t unhappy, but your aren’t quite happy either. Your happy with some aspects of life, but can’t seem to move forward. You just been having the hardest time figuring out your next steps and  feeling frustrated!

You my friend, might be suffering for decision fatigue… Yes it’s a real thing, don’t give me that look!

I discovered that I too, have been having a hard time moving forward and making decisions that would have been normally simple for me to make.

Speaking of making… My sewing has completely stalled out because of this. It’s not that I lack the desire to sew, but I can’t make a fucking decision on what I should sew, what fabric to use, and will it suit me!

These types of decision never plague me. I would just go with it and see what happens at the end. Now I ponder over the tiniest decision.

Hi, My name is Rita and I have Decision Fatigue!

Whew! That feels better! Just saying it makes me feel better about myself. Now on to finding a solution.

If you have or have had decision fatigue, let me know in the comments.


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