I’m all Hygge and stuff!

Watching YouTube is amazing! I love just about everything about. The fact that I can learn new interesting things about people and places is what I love the most.

What I’ve recently learned has changed my life. It’s this little word that has amazing impact. Hygge

I know sounds weird. Pronounced Hoo-Ga, is Danish and doesn’t translate into one word but rather a concept simply meaning:

“The quality of being warm and comfortable that gives a feeling of happiness”

Read that once more… Doesn’t that sound totally delicious! Why wouldn’t one want that? Hygge is understanding the importance of simplicity, having the time to bring yourself back to the present and making your space reflect the importance of cozy and being taking care of.

It’s mind blowing really. A simple small word that can remind you to slow down and take a breathe

I know I might be late to the game, but I was taking aback when I started learning this concept and how it can help me focus, reconnect with myself and my love ones. Give my family a sense of peace when they get home. Giving us a sanctuary from all the bullshit in the word!

You can create “Hygge” in any space your in, but I would suggest to focus on your home life. Make your home inviting and cozy, a place that makes you feel loved and safe. Once I took up this practice in my home, I must say everyone in our house is happier because of it.

I’ve notice that we’re more calm in the mornings and instantly relaxed when we get home. We never had that before so I can say that making my home more hygge was the trick.

Next week, I’ll give you some tips on how to make your home more hygge by showing what I’ve done to my home.

Till next time

~Rita Mae

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