Hygge Your Home

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is a Danish word that is best described as “enjoying the simple life”. It’s about being close to family and friends , slowing down, enjoying the small things, and reconnecting. While this notion is a lifestyle choice, it’s also embodies the Danish home decor. Hygge is about creating intimacy in your life and in your home.

To have hygge in the home is to have a calm, clean, clutterless environment in which to sink into. An environment that once entered, takes your stress away. Think how you feel when you enter a spa. It’s that “ahhh” feeling you get. The instant stress reliever.

To promote hygge in your everyday life, I recommend starting in your home. That way, anytime you need tranquility and peacefulness, all you have to do is go home, close the door, kick off your shoes, and relax!

Here are a few ways I’ve brought hygge into my home, hopefully it will help you bring it into yours.

Decide on a color scheme with natural colors.

This doesn’t mean you have to stick with browns and tans. Just choose colors that occur naturally in nature and that are calming colors. Choose natural shades of blues and greens for example.

Even colors like dusty rose, navys, blush, and pale yellows are great. The idea here is to choose a soft calming color palette that reflects airyness.

Layer Textures

Textures are very important when it comes to hyggelig (hygge-like) homestead. Think about adding decor pieces that you like to rub your hands across or snuggle to. Wood tables, textured wool rugs, and throw pillows are really easy ways to add texture to any room. Adding texture is like adding a strong embrace. Weather snuggling because the AC is on blast or because it’s a cold winter’s night. Texture is what makes you feel cozy and secure.

Make It Comfy, Make It Cozy

Warm blankets, candles and, soft lighting will make your space comfy and cozy. If you have a fireplace, great! Light it up in the winter. In the summer, add candles to the fireplace for the same cozy feel.

Add Natural Elements

Fill your space with things found out in nature. Add a few plants, flowers, or even sea shells to your space. Adding natural elements brings life and good energy to your space.

Hope this helps you bring some peace, cozy, serenity… hygge to your home!

Til next time

~Rita Mae

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