Becoming Fearless.. Again

Every few years I take a little journey of re-self discover. Sometimes I find, I haven’t changed at all. And other times I find, I’ve completely lost who I am. This is one of those times.

I found myself on a very fearful path. Sacred to move forward, scared to move backwards.

I’m on a endless loop of planning, re-planning, researching, researching the research. And it’s getting me nowhere fast.

Dreams… I have lots of them. But I’ve found myself stuck.

What’s happening here!

I decided to video journey everyday for a week and you know what happen? A light bulb came on. I had lost my fearlessness.

I lost the very thing that I loved about myself. I wasn’t without fear, but I WASN’T FEARFUL.

I lost that drive to say… “who cares what you think, I’m going to go for it, and see where I land.”

I use to have this passion! I still do! But instead of acting on that passion, I now react to the fear of pursuing the passion.


I mean… you have to know having this epiphany was a blow! I proud myself on living and welcoming change. And to find that this is what’s holding me back from doing what makes me happy, was like hearing my foot had to be cut off!

How can I get back to this person?

Well. I’m glad you ask!

I’m on a journey to re-self discovery. It may be scary sometimes, I have a feeling I’ll  be kicking myself in the ass sometimes. But winter is coming, and fire is catching (you like how I did that)!  And I’m ready! Because on the other end, will a better me!

Wish me luck!

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