Fall Capsule Wardrobe Planning – Tops

I’m finding it quite hard to focus on sewing basics with so many cute trendy tops out in the “high shops”. So I’m going to break my rule a bit and buy a couple of trendy pieces, that I actually think can become classics in my wardrobe. They are  just that great!

All three of these tops are from H&M. Since they have up their game, I’ve been going to them for style inspiration more and more.

Up first this cute little number…

It hits all the notes for me. Everyday wearable and I can hook it up to make it date night appropriate. I decided to make this one because I just got the new sewing pattern, McCalls 7627. View B will work for this. I’m going to do it in a white stretch poplin. It’s going to be fire! I think the honey will think this is sexy too. With a little cleave and shoulder action. Can’t wait to share with you!



Next I dream of moments like this in fashion! A piece that is fashion forward, budget friendly, and highly wearable! Not going to make this one, I’m straight up buying it! I could never get it as right as H&M has done with this one!



The third one I’m contemplating whether I should buy it or make it. I think it’s a quite simple make, actually. If I do I will use Grainline Studio’s Archer Button up. I think it’s the right shape for this hack!


I have two makes to show you next week. I’ve been a busy little seamstress for this long holiday weekend. Well its almost time to get back to the daily grind, have a great week everyone!





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