I Hear it’s all about the Block

I hear, if you have a bodice block there’s nothing you can’t create! Well, I’m quite a lazy sewist and I would rather have most of the work done for me. Hence why I usually just adjust patterns as I go. But when I was doing a bit of wardrobe planning for my capsule, I came to some realizations. When it comes to tops, I usual stick to some basic t-shirt shape bodices. They only vary in the details. So I figured why not make a woven t-shirt bodice block. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!

I used McCalls M7542. It has tons of sleeve variations (which is my jam) and the bodice comes with cup size variation (less alterations to be done).


Can I say, best decision I ever made! Why didn’t someone tell me?! Oh, yeah that’s right I lack sewing friends 🙂

A few alterations

  1. 1/2 inch forward shoulder adjustment – grading to 0 at the neck seam.
  2. I moved the bust dart down 5/8 inches
  3. 1 inch broad back adjustment
  4. 1 inch sway back adjustment
  5. Lengthen hem 1/2 in the back and a full inch in the front.
  6. added 1/4 inch to side seams at the hip.

The only problem I had was the armscyes. I decided to cut the size 16. Except in the arm hole, I cut an 18 and that made it quite weird, two big in the armscyes and too long in the shoulder.

Bodice Block

I re-cut the armscyes to size 16 aaannd! Dah Dah We have us a bodice block for a woven T-shirt!


Excused the toys (sewing room/playroom). It’s fits awesome. My partner was’t home so I couldn’t get a decent pic of me wearing it. But I will post this week on Instagram. This was so quick to sew up. I have loads of variation planned. I will post them as soon as I’m done.

I would highly recommend this pattern. Very easy directions to follow and the cup size variation on the bodice is fantastic. You hardly every see that in a pattern for a top. See yeah soon!

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