Fall Sewing Projects Part 1

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I know, I know… You don’t want to even think about the fall coming. But if you are on a “me made” wardrobe journey like myself. You don’t want to have to buy anything for fall–if you can help it. Since it’s the end of July (yes we are at the end), I’m already late to the game! I haven’t even started planning yet! Better get to it.


Following my capsule wardrobe method (if you want to know how I created a capsule wardrobe method to suit the sewist, leave a comment), I made a short list of what I need to make this fall…

  • I realize I love skirts. Need to have at least 4.
  • Long sleeve blouses (because who would I be without tons of blouses in my closet)
  • Dresses at least 3

I will still buy jeans if I need some. Although I have jeans as one of the items I want to make this year.

So far, here are a few new pattern releases that I would like to buy this fall.

McCalls M7627 – I think view B would be awesome with jeans and boots! I’m even thinking about making it into a jacket! I love it! I think I will make view D as well. That dress in a double crepe would be AWESOME with some tights for the winter!


Simplicity 8414 – I know this reads summer, with the styling of the picture. But imaging this in a shirting with a fall floral pattern. OMG!!!


Simplicity 8415 – View C with the sleeves of view A no B! Again I’m thinking double crepe.


I’m going to search my pattern stash for some more inspirations. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Especially for skirts. I tend to make the same one over and over. I’ll have my sewing plans coming soon, and I have some fabric coming –OMG, OMG, OMG. Can’t wait to talk about it! See you soon!

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