How I organize my pattern stash

Many of us seamstresses have massive pattern stashes. For years, I’ve tried to find the best way to organized them. I really love going through my patterns and imaging the fabulousness I could make with them. It’s like going through a photo album of all my besties (I need some friends!)… Just me?

The pain of searching through endless boxes, JUST to look at my stash, was taking a toll. Luckily,  I came up with a brilliant solution.

Introducing PSE (Pattern Stash Encyclopedia… clever right!)

PSE (Pattern Stash Encyclopedia)

This storage method allows you to store lots of patterns in a smaller foot print and also keep them protected! You have tons of choices on how you can use this method. You can have a binder for each pattern company, vintage, or like I did, by type.


To create your very own PSE, this is what you need.

  1. Zip closure sheet protectors. I suggest the heavy-duty ones that can handle multiply sheets. They hold up better. I like these from Staples.

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2.  Insert your patterns. These sheet protectors are big enough to hold four patterns. Two in the front and two in the back of the sheet protector.

3. Done. YEAH!!!! You have your very own PSE collection.

So search through your stash as much as you want. I find myself going to my stash a lot to plot out my makes for the month. Or using them to track what patterns I have before I purchase from a big pattern sale. It’s so easy to do with this storage method.

I don’t forget what I have and the method makes it easy to flip through for inspiration. If I need a top, I can just go to the top binder! Also since I don’t have to take them out (like if there where stashed in a box), clean up is a breeze! Staying organized has never been so easy!

For all my PDF patterns, I print out the cover art, fold it to the size of a pattern envelop and put it in the binder the same way.  When I’m not looking through the PSE, I store them in a basket I got for Ikea. Voila!



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